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Build your portfolio.

Inkwire helps educators and learners design and document projects, showcase skills through badges & portfolios, and connect learning with the real world.

Light on Literacy Project @ High Tech High Computer Science @ OUSD

Working in schools, I've gotten to know inspiring students and innovative educators. Unfortunately, so much of their magic goes unrecognized in the traditional ways we design & measure learning.

Inkwire was born out of a belief that if we can give learners and educators new ways to share their learning with an authentic audience, we may be able to bridge the gap between how academic success is currently measured and an education system that truly respects every learner.

-Aatash Parikh, Founder

"Inkwire takes a more student centered approach to assessment. All students can easily create a digital portfolio of any evidence that they are proud of. Inkwire moves us in a direction to eliminate inequitable grading systems."

Ted Cuevas

Ted Cuevas High Tech High, Chula Vista

Portfolios with a purpose

More than just a portfolio builder, Inkwire helps learners curate their work for specific audiences and milestones in their academic journeys.

Digital Binder

Upload and organize

Whether the work lives on Google Classroom, Google Drive, physical notebooks, or anywhere else, Inkwire makes it easy to upload onto their digital binder and then curate into shareable, digital portfolios.

Example of Binder

Portfolio Builder

Curate and reflect

Without having to learn an advanced design tool, learners will spend less time fiddling with layout and more time curating and reflecting on their work.

With our organizational directory, students can easily share their portfolios with peers, staff, and families. And with our showcase tools and reflection templates, use Inkwire to scaffold portfolio creation for events like family conferences or graduation portfolio presentations.

Example of Portfolio Builder
Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

“The portfolio builder + binder in Inkwire is unlike anything out there. Rather than having students trying to remember what they did, it allows them to think carefully and deeply about what they want to share to their parents and the public and how they want to present it. It reduces busy work and increases student agency.”

Jean Kaneko
Jean Kaneko
Santa Monica High School
Oakland Unified School District

“Inkwire is helping us showcase student work to other students, families and the larger community. It's helping with our teacher professional development. Teachers are able to see what other teachers are doing and build a library of exemplars.”

Sam Berg, Oakland Unified
Sam Berg
Oakland Unified School District

Power student-centered learning

Design projects and conduct authentic performance assessments


Turn any activity into an authentic assessment

Allow students to demonstrate learning in a variety of ways––audio, video, links, documents––and have it displayed in beautiful gallery format to encourage sharing and feedback.

With support for embedding, whether it's Scratch projects, Flipgrid videos, 3D designs, or Google Slides, you can capture and display anything in Inkwire.

Everything a learner uploads goes into their digital Binder, accessible and easy-to-search at any time.



Design & differentiate

Design a full project experience for students on Inkwire. Add another educator as a Designer to create interdisciplinary projects. Or, open up design access to students to collaboratively design personalized projects.

Provide instructions and resources so that students can have immediate access and go at their own pace–freeing up the teacher to provide individual support.

Example of a spce

“Inkwire is an amazing platform that uplifts students voices by providing them the space to post their work in multiple formats, see the work of their peers as well as provide feedback.

My favorite feature is the Binder, since it is a collection of all your work and as a teacher I can view by user, which would be helpful during a Family Conference.”

Chantel Parnell, Teacher in Oakland
Chantel Parnell
Bret Harte Middle School, Oakland, CA

“Now, my students are able to post performance assessments and communication of their process. Inkwire enables them give feedback to each other which creates a more student centered approach to assessment.

I also use it now to collect their work and give them feedback. It has made authentic feedback significantly faster than it used to be.”

Max Cady, Teacher in San Diego
Max Cady
High Tech High, San Diego, CA

“Inkwire helps my students learn from peers, practice providing useful feedback to each other, and document work that can easily be transformed into a portfolio.

I love the ease of students sharing project work with each other, allowing them to easily comment on more visual aspects of work. It’s like if Padlet and Google classroom had a baby.”

Kaylyn Oates, teacher in Arizona
Kaylyn Oates
Verde Valley School, Sedona, AZ