Empower your students to share their learning

Add an online social layer to your classroom & learning community, to make learning more visible and give student work an audience.

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For educators

Make learning visible.

Capture all the learning

Allow students to demonstrate learning in a variety of ways––audio, video, links, documents––and have it displayed in beautiful gallery format to encourage sharing and feedback.

With support for embedding, whether it's Scratch projects, Flipgrid videos, 3D designs, or Google Slides, you can capture and display anything in Inkwire.

Student work goes into their personal archive, accessible and easy-to-search at any time.

Encourage and celebrate mastery

Inkwire's tools help students refine their work towards mastery, and build evidence to show for it.

Feedback and refinement
Inkwire encourages sharing work to receive feedback and supports the process of improving drafts of work over time.
Progress tracking
Educators and students can easily track their milestones towards completing projects and earning mastery-based badges.
Students can easily import and organize any of their past work into a customizable, shareable portfolio.

Create an authentic audience

Inkwire makes it easy to open student work to a broader audience and conduct authentic assessments.

Allow peers to gain inspiration and feedback from each other. Conduct a gallery walk, critique, or celebration of student work.
Family & school community
Invite parents to see student work. Host an online exhibition or student-led conferences.
Mentors and professional community
Invite adults from the community to give expert feedback on projects.

For school leaders

Empower your learning community.

Inkwire's tools can help create a culture of pride, ownership, and mastery. Validate and showcase the great work happening in your school.

With Inkwire, every member of your learning community has a porfolio that showcases their best work.
Mastery Tracking
Define school-wide goals around mastery, and keep track of each students' progress towards competency.

Coming soon.

Inkwire is being developed with the feedback of an early set of educators.

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We will only use your email to share updates about Inkwire.